Making things, the lakes and holiday snaps

First Civics – Friday evening, 50+ students all there because they want to be, to listen to Emma Bridgewater – entrepreneur, designer and manufacturer – making us think about the enjoyment and challenges of making things. Thought-provoking stuff from Emma – good, ensuing questions – why manufacture in Stoke rather than China? Is taxation scaring people like you abroad? Emma’s invitations to see the factory in Stoke and her encouragement to take unusual career paths are well received; she is generous with her time too – talking over supper with students at my house afterwards. Am now off to Ullswater to see the Block 3s in action: will take 10 year old (grumpy) Westie and 5 month old (ungrumpy) lab Zazu – camping will be interesting. Good always to see students away from school. So to my holiday snaps. The Arezzo Duomo 15 July, 9 pm: the Bedales Choir’s final concert in their tour of Tuscany: students performing in stunning surroundings – even with the backdrop of a Piero Madonna. Edinburgh 12 August, 7 pm: a whirlwind of a performance of Shakespeare Bingo – Titus by Bedalian actors – clever, funny, ingenious and pacey and brought off so well by a large, diverse company. Both trips gave large numbers of students – 25+ – amazing opportunities to work hard at doing things they love – music and theatre. A real treat to catch both these performances – strong pictures in my mental album.

By Keith Budge, Headmaster, Bedales Schools