Thoughts, working across disciplines, learning from failure

The 6th form dinner – thought-provoking on at least three counts. Always interesting to catch some of the thoughts a) of students starting out on these crucially demanding final two years of their school career – and b) of those surveying the prospect of their final year at school, predicted A Level grades and higher education choices, with some trepidation and hints of wistfulness. Second, intriguing to see the number of demanding cross discipline choices the 6.1s have made: Maths, Physics, English, French, say. Take-up in Maths and Science is strongly up, with the increased confidence born of taking the more demanding IGCSEs a major factor. Both good trends. Finally, the after-dinner speech of head of Maths and i/c Oxbridge, Michael Truss – a humorously self-denigrating talk that provoked thought on what you learn from failure, the power of thinking you can – and resilience.