A promising Badley Celebration Weekend

Keatsian morning and promising for the Badley Celebration Weekend. Coming out of the theatre past Design last night, I passed a large pile of sticks (hazel?) beside an obscure looking wooden machine – a whittler or peg-maker?  Will find out today. In the wooden comfort of the theatre, along with 100 of our students and 240 drawn last night to one of the best guitarists in the world – Antonio Forcione – I was reminded how a great artist can make you view an instrument differently: as an extension of his body and as something that will create unlikely sounds, in his case percussive ones. The sense amongst our young guitarists – that they are witnessing something very special – is palpable. For many of us, it is another reminder – as with Stephen Berkoff last year – of how lucky we are to bring world-class performers to our doorstep. A brillant evening. Here’s to a mellow, fruitful and stimulating weekend ahead.