Thought provoking debate at the Headmasters’ Conference

Bright and breezy here, avoiding what the cheery Carol (BBC Weather) interestingly described as packets of rain. HMC Day 2, brought plenty to provoke thought and inspire:  AC Grayling’s enticing vision of a university education that combines the best of the liberal arts model with skills-based preparation for the world of work; at John Abbott’s plea (as President of the 21st Century Learning Initiative) for education that is “in harmony with the nature of the child” (Plowden Report 1967); and, best of all a tour of the University, a panel drawn from Scottish Universtity vice Chancellors and other senior bods and a chance to talk with St Andrews students about their time here and their passage through school.  More tomorrow on the HMC – commissioned research into students’ reflections on their university and school experiences.  A highlight today (of course..) has been Andrew Fisher and my seminar – Liberal Education: A different approach.  A good level of discussion provoked and a welcome opportunity for us to stir up some fruitful debate amongst our fellow heads about the applicability of some of our schools’ approaches to their own situations.    Off now to hear Lord Winston of Imperial talking about the importance of science literacy.

By Keith Budge, Headmaster, Bedales Schools

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  1. Can Liberal Education: a different approach be made available on the Bedales website?

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