Preparing for Oxbridge

However well your housestaff, tutor and teachers know you, getting a fresh perspective from someone who specialises in preparing students for the next stage usually is a welcome tonic.  So yesterday 19 of our 6.2s spent the better part of the day here with Oxbridge Applications, who specialise in preparing students for Oxbridge, veterinary and medical interviews. The focus is on helping them present at their best at interview – all those important body language and voice things, as well as conveying your passion and knowledge effectively. This increased self-knowledge then should work alongside the subject-specific stuff that is being developed on a weekly basis through the Top-Up (Top University Preparation) lessons. For our Block 5s, it is the Cambridge Occupational Analysts season, with the team from COA in school over two days, interviewing the Block 5s, the feedback from their careers’ interest test in front of them. Emphasis here is on advising on A Level selection and ensuring that the students will be playing to their strengths and keeping the necessary options open for higher education application. In two years – which will seem like no time – a proportion of them will be in the hands of Oxbridge Applications and shaping up for top university entrance.

By Keith Budge, Headmaster, Bedales Schools