‘One of the best student initiatives I’ve seen’

Bedales assembly last night: entirely student-led and describing one of the best student initiatives I’ve seen – Claudia W and Tim J on the GRIN campaign – Global Respect In Education. A professional and powerful presentation of the work of this much needed and influential group – now a charity. The poignant message is that bullying kills, with the neologism “bullycide”  a chilling new descriptor of the death by suicide of bullied victims; and that schools like ours, which  are – relative to other adolescent communities – tolerant of difference, are in the minority. Separate from the subject matter, Claudia concluded with the uplifting message that the internet allows young people who feel strongly about a particular cause to mobilize support and make a difference through raising awareness and support – as she and GRIN have done.

By Keith Budge, Headmaster, Bedales Schools