A slice of Bedalian history

IIt’s the centenary of the Lupton Hall and Tim Slack (headmaster 1962-74) gave a Jaw to commemorate this. Tim, affectionately known by the students in his time here as “Tigger”, made a huge impact on Bedales, having the vision to realise that the school needed to expand considerably if it was going to have a viable sixth form and be able to compete in the increasingly competitive arena of university application. Naturally, many people were sceptical and many outraged at the size of the school going up by over a hundred and the Orchard being built over – he took much flak as a result, and is a very good advert now for lively-minded seniority. Tim’s Jaw took us into the world of those early pioneers – Lupton, Gimson, Sidney Barnsley and, of course, Mr Badley himself – who shaped the school in every sense. Two curiosities of history for you: that had Mr Badley’s father not discovered a seam of coal under his country estate, his son and daughters would not have had the money to buy this estate and develop the school; and that Tim Slack, newly appointed as headmaster aged 34 in 1962 spent time with Mr Badley, who would have, as a young man, have known some of the veterans of Waterloo; so, in terms of “shaking the hand of the hand that shook”, 450 Bedalians engaged with a slice of history last night.

By Keith Budge, Headmaster, Bedales Schools