A dose of popular culture and Outdoor Work

A gym habit has some curious by-products, notably regular brushes with topical things and what is sometimes called popular culture – a twice or thrice weekly vaccination for me against too much ivory towerdom; on Sundays, it is usually Andrew Marr and various improving Big Question-style moral issue shows, with a few dollops of countryside-aspirational-living pieces; but a particularly lurid sequence (serial killer, chained up hostage giving birth and sundry love-fuelled squabblings) finds me drawn to Hollyoaks. Best bit is the description of Gaz by one of his female non-admirers as “a rat in a tracksuit”; also, in this month of Movember, I note the reference from a young male character to testicular cancer – good for the Movember movement to be doing all they can to alert young men to this and the need for blokes to be on the lookout.
It’s easy to knock PSHE but it is pretty criminal that for generations like mine no one mentioned this – and young men died unnecessarily. Back to Outdoor Work’s All In Weekend, where Adam O, Harry A and Alfie M (Block 5s) are all working hard re-building a Land Rover; Celeste M, Vincent H and others are making the wooden frame for the new glasshouse, that will make good use of the windows salvaged from Steephurst. On Saturday night, they feasted on the home-reared pork the previous evening and it is a whirr of activity.

By Keith Budge, Headmaster, Bedales Schools