The Thrill of Learning and Achievement

Plenty of reminders this week of the thrill that learning often brings: week starts with congratulation to two colleagues who have achieved Distinctions – one in an MBA in Educational Leadership, another with an MA in Art History. So important that the adults are enjoying their learning too, whether that is through courses like these, through subject-specific training or through the stimulation we have constantly from visitors – brilliant visiting speakers in particular. Most of my mornings start with brief meetings congratulating students on their academic progress; sometimes, when time doesn’t allow, this is done by postcard or a “bumping into”. Best, of course, face to face – especially as so often the student’s enjoyment of learning is so palpable – that Physics concept grasped, that mind-stretching, fervent discussion in PRE. This is such a tonic and a fitting riposte to the utilitarian and process-driven side of education, the spirit of Mr Gradgrind, which will always be lurking.

By Keith Budge, Headmaster, Bedales Schools