Welcome to a New Member of the Community

Welcome, Hector!  Announced at assembly this morning the arrival yesterday of a new, Percheron Shire horse – 3 years old, black and shapely, he has already made plenty of friends.  Hector will continue the tradition of having a horse large enough to pull carriages and occasionally even be ridden.  Spartan, our current chap, has already lived past the normal shire horse lifespan (25), is nudging 30 and is, poor fellow, toiling.  Maybe Hector’s arrival will stir him a bit, but he can no longer pull the cart and is looking increasingly withered.  Hector’s history is that he was destined to be a stud horse, but soon showed that he was rather too docile and keen on a nap to be an effective stud horse, so here he is, starting out on at least a good couple of decades of being much admired, stroked and occasionally having to do some work.

By Keith Budge, Headmaster, Bedales Schools