Uplifting concert from new generation of musicians at Bedales

Our tradition of classical music is hard won and easily lost. Having had an extraordinary group of talented and devoted musicians in last year’s 6.2, there was an understandably slightly apprehensive approach to the big first concert of the school year, the Cecilia; so it was not only with the soulful final trio of Brahms (Geistliches Lied), Kodaly (Agnus Dei) and Mendelssohm (As the Hart Pants) reverberating in my mind as I left the Quad last night, but also with an uplifting sense that our new generation of musicians has arrived – Lottie G at first violin and so many talented Block 3s and 4s also to the fore. Important to remember too that so many of these students, singers in particular, are hard at work on Cabaret as well. So, a big well done to all – and to Nick Gleed, Keir Rowe, Will Lithgow and James Thomas who inspire, cajole and work so hard to conjure up such a wonderful concert as last night’s. Good to see also the interpreter, Erika, from the Tuscan tour welcomed and celebrated: last time I saw her was when she was translating Nick Gleed’s colourful and involved preamble to the concert in the Arezzo duomo from Nick’s English into her Italian – managed with aplomb.