An Action Packed Weekend at Bedales

Busy weekend for so many here and good to catch a glimpse of some of it: football vs Frensham on Saturday pm; Bedalian and Dunhurstian tennis players competing in numbers at Winchester; peer listening training for nine 6.1s going on throughout the weekend – nine hours in all; Cabaret technical run-through on Sunday afternoon and evening – exciting seeing the orchestra, dance and voice coming together; on Sunday, Bedales 6-a-side hockey blokes are away at an indoor tournament. Meanwhile, back here at Farm Budge (50 Church Rd), agricultural realities are catching up with our trio of chickens; they have been as unproductive as they are decorative for a long time: less decorative but more productive replacements are in the offing and a man will come and take our trio to a better place. Sentimentality has no place, I fear….

By Keith Budge, Headmaster, Bedales Schools