Funky and Fun Dunannie Christmas Play

A relatively early end to the autumn term means early Christmas events, so the Bedales Advent Jaw was last night and the Dunannie Christmas Play yesterday afternoon.  In the best tradition of avoiding being too traditional, the Dunannie players gave us a wonderfully different take on the Nativity: the three large groups of Angels (Year 2), Astronomers (Year 1) and Children of the World (Reception) were dressed (with the kind help of around 30 Dunannie parents) with a splendid, contemporary stylishness – the Children of the World, be-flagged, gave a foretaste of the Olympic theme. Sharon Rose, writing, directing and choreographing made it a very engaging half hour – a bit of pogoing and some air guitar too; in all, disciplined when it needed to be, funky and fun. Bravo, Dunannie!

By Keith Budge, Headmaster, Bedales Schools