Corialanus, ‘Simon Says’ and Bedales barbershop

Coriolanus, no fan of philanthropy and in a bit of a huff at the time, talked about the “world elsewhere” (before storming off and being a bit of a thorn in Rome’s side). Good this week to have two events on succeeding evenings when Bedales’ commitment to the world elsewhere has been to the fore. On Thursday evening, we had the culmination of the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative when seven groups, comprising four or five Block 4s, presented the case for their chosen charities to an audience of staff, parents and other students. The winning group won £3000 for their chosen charity, Simon Says. At least as important as the final event itself was the process of all 20+ groups going into the local community earlier this term, researching charities and talking to people working in the Third Sector. Exciting now to think of some of those connections that have been made being taken forward; Graham Banks, head of outreach, spoke the following day to the school about how we need to develop the links established through volunteering and fundraising.

Second event was on Friday night when the  Bedales Barbershop Boys, as smart as they are alliterative, appeared in suits and team red ties at the annual Petersfield Schools Save the Children Christmas Concert at Churcher’s. Performing alongside TPS, Churcher’s and Ditcham, this event raised well over £1000 for Save the Children. I suspect it would have been all a bit foreign to Coriolanus – and that he would have been more stomp than barbershop – but the world elsewhere is more in the minds of the students as a result of these two happenings.