Matters of finance, fabric, selection and productivity

This week takes on a different tempo, as the Block 3s head off to the chilly steppes of France and Belgium for their tour of the Battlefields, which will be a reminder of how much of the best kind of learning happens outside the classroom. In their absence we have a good, demanding (in the best sense) Headmaster’s Question Time, when many of the questions deal, sensibly and topically, with matters of finance (how much attention does the school pay to analysing its costs and reducing them?) and fabric (how long will the temporary buildings that constitute the academic village remain?).
Meanwhile, in anticipation of the teacher selection season hotting up, matters of selection and productivity are rehearsed at home as well as our egg tray floweth over. Quick update on hen matters: debate on the fate of our three ornamental (beautiful, expensive but hopelessly unproductive) fowl led to a compromise – let them go and live with Peter’s flock by Steephurst. Replacements are ex Waitrose stock, saved from the pot and £2 each: result? Four brown hens, unpretty, nameless and laying frantically, even in sub-zero temperatures. Result? Happiness for all.