David Gentleman inspires our young creatives

David Gentleman’s Private View and Civics are a powerful reminder of several things: his huge contribution to Art and the visual landscape that we have grown up with; the impact of strong images allied with political protest (such as in his famour BLIAR poster in the Iraq war); and a call to arms for anyone who is wondering whether a career in Art or Design might be fun or interesting –  two words which, along with “I love..”, keep recurring in his inspiring talk. Here are some snippets: “I love vapour trails; if Turner were around now he would be drawing vapour trails..”  Advice to Art and Design students wondering about a career in these areas: “Embark on it.. these are very life-enhancing things to do – to learn to look at things.” Drawing: “It makes me feel alive in a way nothing else does.” Watercolour: “light, unpretentious, portable – a good medium. Q: “Do you find drawing frustrating?” A: “If it were easier it would be boring.” Great stuff.