Dunhurst assembly delivered with passion, precision and conviction

First thing Thursday and it is Dunhurst assembly. The match reports are inimitable – perhaps most so when the final one is delivered by a trio of little lads who debate which goal came in which order and scored by whom as the report unfolds. Then we have the main business: Mia’s talk on Sea Shepherd, an anti-whaling campaign group, and its leader, Paul Watson (regarded as an eco-terrorist by the Japanese authorities). Mia’s talk takes us into the horrors of the whaling industry (exploding harpoons, for example) and includes the horrible “Grind” of the Faroe Islands – the whale massacre, which horrified my father in WW2 when stationed there. Mia’s talk, accompanied by poignant whale voices in the background, is delivered with passion, precision and conviction, and is listened to avidly. Impressive stuff.

By Keith Budge, Headmaster, Bedales School