The pig wake up call

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Discussing with a colleague the important topic of how to rouse an adolescent pig from its slumbers as I walk past the sty of our Oxford Sandy and Black piglets in the morning, he alerts me to the P.G. Wodehouse story Pig-Hoo-o-o-o-ey!, in the Blandings Castle collection. So here is the answer, given to Lord Emsworth by James Belford who is coaching him to the perfect pig cry, the “master-word” in the main dining room of the Senior Conservative Club:

“The first syllable should be short and staccato, the second long and rising into a falsetto, high but true.”



“Pig-hoo-o-o-ey!” yodelled Lord Emsworth, flinging his head back and giving tongue in a high, penetrating tenor which caused ninety-three Senior Conservatives, lunching in the vicinity, to congeal into living statues of alarm and disapproval.

“More body to the ‘hoo,’ advised James Belford.


So now you know…


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  1. Good post. Reminds one of contented pigs. The mention of Keith Budge (no offence meant) brings back memories of Rev Aubrey Upjohn and Ms Tomlinson.

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