Thought stimulus

GA lecture- Lucie Cluver


It’s a week when only a student most stubbornly impervious to the world elsewhere will not be spurred to some constructive thought both about the potential their future might hold and about the world that surrounds them. I am thinking about three events.

Monday’s assembly has Tom Jarman, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios talking to the school. Tom, who has a refreshingly irreverent and informal style, initially briefs us on the new Art & Design building and then takes questions on what it is like being an architect and why he chose to follow that vocation. Memorably, he describes how his school Economics teacher told him that he would only find something satisfying if it provided “manifest outcomes”, an expression that certainly resonated for me. So, this became a thought-provoking talk about why someone does what he does and what the rewards are for doing that demanding and complex job.

Tuesday’s Global Awareness lecture presented the 100+ people in a packed SLT with a different narrative. Lucie Cluver, Associate Professor in Evidence-Based Social Intervention in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at Oxford, is a former pupil of our head of Global Awareness, Annabel Smith. Lucie’s hour long talk was one of the most powerful, interesting talks I have heard. For all of us, but especially for the students, this was an amazing insight into how research in the field can determine social policy – and how Lucie and her teams of (extraordinarily) brave and resourceful researchers have gathered the evidence that is increasingly shaping government policy in Africa to AIDS prevention and containment – amongst teenagers especially.

It’s just Thursday now and  at lunchtime we are welcoming a group of Korean students, amongst whom there are people who have escaped from North Korea; their aim is to spread awareness of what is going on in that benighted country.

Plenty of food for thought and constructive mulling over leave weekend.

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