New head students

The baton (of the athletic not police kind) is handed on: the strong 14/15 team of Margaret R, Rob M, Roly B and Esme A hand on their seals of office (fig.) to the incoming team of Max H, Becky G, Bea J and Patrick N.

The new team have already got weaving (fig.) – discussing with their peers other positions of leadership and service that they can take up next year. Here they are helped through their predecessors’ good initiative with a system whereby individual students act as champions of individual areas of school life – mainly academic subjects; the emphasis being on helping younger students with their work in that subject; jocularly named the dons system this has been piloted by the departing head student team and will be rolled out fully for September.

Alongside this, there is a good appetite amongst 6.2s to be a Badley Senior – again, very much a mentoring role, with some pig care thrown in, and playing to that strong feature of Bedales life – friendships which occur across the age range.

So here is a picture of the new head student team:

Head students 2015-2016Left to right: Max, Patrick, Bea, Becky