Conferences should encourage you to think as much about what might be as about what currently is.  In that respect my time at HMC in St Andrews was also stimulated by reading John Browne’s book Connect, which has been written with the help and insight of OB and McKinsey partner Robin Nuttall. Drawing on discussions with current business leaders, Browne’s time at BP and case studies ranging from Carnegie (whoops..) to Cadbury (yay..) he invites thought about how schools connect with the people they serve.  It will be a treat having Robin here on 4 December to do a Civics and to hear more about the ideas underpinning this book.

In this connection it is a busy time with regard to connecting with stakeholders, with the Bedales Parents’ Association meeting last Saturday and plenty of governor activity this week – the Finance and General Purposes meeting on Thursday and Governors’ Question Time on Wednesday when three governors face the Bedales students’ questions in the Quad.

Back to St Andrews for a moment: this short film started our conference.  Its aim is to illustrate the important things that HMC schools do.  The profile of our school amongst the 275 is important – being known for doing useful and important stuff is helpful in so many directions, not least the profile amongst the profession that helps us attract strong teachers.  So, here it is – we feature early on. View film here.