Beyond Bedales connects students with fashion and design professionals


By Cheryl Osborne, Head of Careers Education and Guidance

Last Friday, we carried out our first virtual Beyond Bedales Careers event, covering the fashion and design industries. We are so lucky to have amazing alumni and parents who are willing to give up their time to talk to Bedalians about their career paths and offer advice to our students about how to maximise their chances of a successful career in their chosen field.

The students spent an hour and a half listening to and engaging with our guests; Zoe Berman (OB), who is a founding director of UK based design group Studio Berman; Juliette Bigley (OB), who had an interesting career path to her life now as a sculptor, before which she had been a musician and worked in healthcare; Matthew Shave (OB), an acclaimed photographer of 25 years whose lucky break came when he submitted his portfolio to a prestigious magazine; Alexander Bond (OB) and Fraser Park (current parent), both of whom work for The Business of Fashion (BoF) and discussed the alternative roles within the fashion world. Alexander discussed his role as a project manager, and Fraser, who is the Chief Financial Officer, wanted to persuade the students that even the most creative people need to understand how to make money in the ultra-competitive world of fashion and design.

The students asked a range of questions and we heard the guests opinions on subject requirements for their degrees, apprenticeships and the value of work experience.

One thing that I am finding interesting now that we have carried out four of these events, are the common threads coming through; you need to be resilient and learn from knock backs, appreciate that getting to your end point may be a circuitous route and this should be seen as a good thing as it could lead you down a path that you hadn’t at first considered, being enthusiastic and interested will go a long way to getting you noticed, and finally, perseverance is crucial when things don’t always go as planned.

Alex Beckmann, Alumni Liaison Manager who has now finished her maternity leave cover for Leana Seriau, helped me get these events off the ground and I am so thankful to her as they have been an excellent addition to the careers provision at Bedales. Alex has now left Bedales but I hope that we will be able to continue these events in the future.