Social media and music competition – invitation for students

By Kirsten McLintock, Head of Wellbeing & PSHE

Positive use of social media is to be welcomed and students are aware that finding your passion and playing/creating sound can have a positive effect on our emotional health and wellbeing.

To this end, Graduation Records are offering Bedales students the opportunity to combine both interests and make some music.This is an exclusive competition for Bedales: Create a Tik Tok video with the theme ‘A day in the Life’ using the song embedded here, using the hashtag #BEDALESTIKTOK 

There are prizes for the best submissions from Nando’s, ASOS, Amazon and more. Graduation Records are also offering an additional prize for our independent artists and creatives:

  • A&R Support (have your recordings listened to and get feedback from leading industry professionals)
  • Have your latest single pitched to Spotify and Apple Music’s playlist curators for the chance to receive editorial support
  • Playlists masterclass on Zoom (‘how to get your music heard’) 
  • Have your music pitched to National & Community radio stations for plays across the UK. 

Deadline for submissions in Tuesday 8 June.

View the competition flyer here.