Pedalling for a bright future

By Tess Burrows, Old Bedalian

Bedalians have always been brilliant at being the change, shining a light bravely for others  to follow. Never has this been more important than now in the current climate crisis.

I’m sure you are aware that if we don’t collectively and urgently make changes, our world will rapidly become uninhabitable.

Please would you write a Climate Action Pledge promising what you personally can do as an extra commitment to make a difference at a global climate level?

Every positive action help. Think planting trees or cutting down on fossil fuels, eating local plant-predominant foods, or many other ways of cutting your own carbon emissions…

Complete your Climate Action Pledge on this form, and return it to me at

I am proud of my Bedales education, which I believe gave me a springboard to tackle seemingly impossible challenges to help our world. In the last 20 years, I have carried messages to the far points of the planet for peace. This Autumn, I have committed to carry Climate Action Pledges to COP 26, the United Nations Climate Summit in Glasgow, to lay at the feet of world leaders.

The journey will be 600 miles on my old mountain bike weighed down by camping gear, along with a friend and my granddaughter. I am very slow on a bike – I average not much more than four miles an hour! But we hope to inspire thoughts of getting around without using fossil fuels at whatever age. I am 73 and my granddaughter is 13.

Thank you for your support.

If you would like to sponsor us, we are raising funds for three environmental charities: Protect Our Winters (Climate Change Action), Sustrans (UK Cycling Network) and World Wide Fund for Nature (Save Tigers from Extinction). Five inspirational adventure books are also available to purchase on my website, sales in support of the above charities.

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