Bedales student stars in Petersfield Youth Theatre production


By Phil Tattersall-King, Deputy Head (Co-curricular)

The connection between Petersfield Youth Theatre (PYT) and Bedales remains as strong as it always has been. Not only does Bedales help with provision of rehearsal space, there are always Bedales students and staff involved in the productions in some way.

In this year’s glorious production of C. S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Block 4 student Rowena le Poer Trench took on the role of Susan, one of the four children who stumble through the fur coats into a different world where animals talk and time works differently. Rowena carefully showed her character’s increasing awareness and wisdom as the plot developed, always being genuine and utterly engaged in the fiction.

As ever, the PYT production values were fantastic and the evening was incredibly enjoyable as a result, whether the audience had come to support young people they know or just enjoy the show. The central design feature of the rising curve across the stage, flanked by the spines of leather-bound books, allowed for multiple locations to be created with ease and allowed for the White Witch to glide in on her sledge in icy majesty, guided by seasonal reindeer. The dedication and application of the young people involved is testament to the craft and care of the creative team and is an amazing opportunity that Petersfield has to offer.