Prep schools visit Bedales for Music Day

By Doug McIlwraith, Director of Music

On Thursday, we welcomed 40 pupils from Dorset House School, The Prebendal School and Froxfield and Steep primary schools for a music day. They were joined and supported brilliantly by over 20 Bedalians who assisted with pieces for orchestra and choir. The orchestra learnt music by Purcell and Dvorak, as well as a piece specially written for the occasion, which blended a bit of techno with orchestral colour, and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed. 

It was wonderful to see how our students interacted with the young visitors and helped build their enthusiasm and confidence and the whole group made swift and pleasing progress. We then opened the doors to let in some fresh air and sang several silly songs and a choral rendition of Ben E King’s Stand By Me. Our guitar teacher Kevin Walker was on hand to assist a group of fledgling guitarists ably assisted by Block 3 student Wulfie Pink-Smith and they worked on a blues improvisation. Imogen Tillotsen and Elliot Cundy gave impressive performances on harp and piano to inspire the visitors – and then they had an amazing 45-minute preview of the Rock Show which utterly blew their minds! The day ended with an open workshop for visiting parents where we presented the fruits of our work.

Thanks so much to all of our students who helped in the Lupton Hall and to the Rock Show musicians who contributed magnificently to the event. It was our first musical event where we have been able to invite young musicians from beyond our community to join us and we look forward to future joint events where Bedalian musicians can help inspire a new generation of young players. Particular thanks go to Janie Jarman, Rachel Hinett and Matt Potts for ensuring everyone was in the right place at the right time and well fed.