Creative final 6.2 English Literature lesson

By David Anson, Head of Faculty: English

Last Saturday occasioned final lessons with our 6.2 before going on exam leave. In my 6.2 English Literature class we have been revising Keats and Shakespeare in particular and, girded with coffee, orange juice and croissants, we spent the lesson making contextual and critical badges.

Students had to link pictures and criticism in their creations and to establish a clear line of argument to explain their connections. In the Craft of Learning lessons this year, students have been taught the values of interleaving and distilling information and the badges come to symbolise information learnt and knowledge held ready to be used under timed conditions.

If nothing else, it was fun and, hopefully, memorable. Good luck 6.2, you are brilliant, and we wish you all the very best for your final exams. See more photos from the lesson below: