Celebrating International Dance Day

By Liz Wood, Head of Dance

Students across all year groups explored the world of Dance through different creative ways last Wednesday in celebration of International Dance Day and they are still going. Issy Robinson from Block 3 researched the Kukri dance, a traditional Nepalese dance that the Gurkhas perform. Rowena Le Poer Trench has been looking at the healthy eating of a dancer, particularly following advice from Canadian fitness coach/dancer Maddie Lymburner, Rowena has made a short film which shows a particular smoothie that is recommended. Imogen Wright watched the online performance of Dust by Akram Khan, whilst Charlotte Land – along with her sisters Izzy and Phoebe – explored counterbalance shapes, and Hannah Mazas created a short film at the dinner table with her brothers Elio and Josh.

Aria Taheri-Murphy

Aria Taheri-Murphy explored the choreography of Aisan Hoss, and choreographer who uses a contemporary style with traditional Iranian movements. Watch Aria speaking about one of her pieces in particular Shedding Skin (2016).

Charlotte Land

Charlotte Land exploring a variety of counterbalance shapes with her sisters, and having fun in the garden performing some incredible gymnastic moves.

Hannah Mazas

Hannah, Elio and Josh Mazas (an Old Bedalian) have been celebrating International Dance Day by spending time together at the dinner table and helping their parents tidy up the dishes. If only we could all make this chore this fun!

Lucy Albuquerque

Lucy from Block 5 took part in a series of online classes and created her own stretching programme which you can see a clip of here.

Mathilda and Ottilie Douglas

Mathilda and Ottilie Douglas started to choreography a contemporary dance duet in their garden. This is just a short snippet to show what they have been working on.

Millie Harris

Millie has been using her trampoline in her garden to celebrate International Dance Day, watch her jumping for joy. Millie will also be using his area in her Site-Specific Dance piece that the Block 4 students are currently working on for their BAC. We look forward to seeing the journey that Millie can take us on in her solo.

Rowena le Poer Trench

Rowena has been exploring health food recpies that are tailor-made for dancers. This smoothie was inspired by Canadian fitness coach/dancer Maddie Lymburner. She uses YouTube as her way of sharing both workouts, tips and recipes. This is a pineapple and banana drink, inspired by her vanilla protein smoothies which are particularly good after exercise. This is due to the fact they are both filling and delicious!

Tashi Feinstein

Listen to Tashi why Kendrick Sandy is a key inspiration for her. Kendrick Sandy, co-founder and co-Artistic Director of Boy Blue and Associate at the Barbican London, is one of the most renowned choroegraphers and performs in the UK urban, commercial and theatrical scenes, despite only beginning his dance career aged 19.