Creative scenes inspired by Gothic literature

Block 4 English students have been busy this week creating scenes inspired by 19th century Gothic Literature classics.

Students were asked to prepare a short Gothic film, either presenting a scene from something they have read in texts such as The Hound of the Baskervilles and Wuthering Heights, or alternatively, create a scene of their own.

They were also given the option of creating a scene in other ways – such as this painting by Fabiola Paterno Castello di San Giuliano.

See more examples of the students’ work below.

Kipp Bryan

Fabiola Paterno Castello di San Giuliano

Fabiola 1

“The arrogance of men – exploring true human behavior – symbolism of the weather – an overpowering sense of the greatness and power of nature – misty – mysterious – fear – dark. A gothic looking dark castle. However, there is a lustful looking light hitting on a side of the castle – hope.”

Fabiola 2“She is an absurd creature almost grotesque with the bloody looking eye instead of her mouth. The stormy weather symbolizes the iniquity of the truth hidden by the gloomy clouds. The preposterous of her face and the odd-looking bloody moon represents the refusal to adhere the laws of nature, however this absurd creature has a certain ambiguity surrounding her slightly. Her gleaming thick black hair in contrast with her light-toned skin and her defined features subtly transform her into an almost gracious and gentle woman with a desperate look in her red eyes as if asking for help tricking you on what to believe.”

Alice Reed

Zach Stewart

Rowena Poer le Trench

Giselle Hayes