Design challenge to improve the DCR for upcoming Badley Day


By Ana Simmons, Senior Day Houseparent and Teacher of Ceramics

With another Badley Day on the horizon, thoughts have turned back to the last one and all that we achieved back in September. There’s something incredibly rewarding by the way in which everyone chips in together to improve and enhance areas of the school as well as the way in which the work done on the day lives on for years for others to enjoy.

In the Day House we were exceptionally proud of the facelift we gave to our ‘Batcave’ or quiet room. Under the close supervision of Chloe, the Art Technician, students from all years spent the day covering the walls with a mural inspired by shapes and lines found around the Bedales estate. It became a collective masterpiece and makes the once dingy space now a fresh and vibrant place for people to escape to.

So, we’ve updated the toilets, freshened the walls but we now want to think big. And, for this coming Badley Day, we thought it would be exciting to propose a design challenge to the students – how can the DCR and Goldie be further improved? Parts of this challenge are open and those avid interior designers amongst the community will have the opportunity to propose major adjustments.

For those that enjoy working within a stricter brief, there’s the chance to present ideas and drawings for two further murals. One in the DCR and one in the Goldie. These ideas should illustrate the school’s motto ‘work of each for weal of all’. However, the ideas submitted can be as abstract and as loosely linked to the theme as the designer likes.

We are very much looking forward to receiving designs and hope that one day soon we can start putting some of them in place!