BAC Scripted Performances – perspectives

By Hayley Cole, Head of Drama

The BAC Theatre Studies students performed their scripted unit in the Theatre this week, which were enjoyed by audiences of family, friends, staff and the local community and examined by our two external moderators. They performed two comedies which were directed and rehearsed using the pedagogy of Jacques LeCoq. There was a wonderful audience response to the two plays and the students outstanding performances within them.

Craig Pullen, BAC Theatre Studies moderator: “On Tuesday evening it was an absolute pleasure to come to Bedales and moderate the wonderful performances from the Block 5 Theatre Studies pupils. The level of dedication and skill on display was a joy to witness. The performers’ adaptations of Lansley’s Flies and Ridley’s Sparkleshark were brave, well executed and had the audience in raucous laughter. Well done to everyone involved, I look forward to coming back to Bedales in the future.”
Chris Bott, Houseparent: “I have had the privilege and pleasure of watching a lot of scripted and devised performances in the Olivier Theatre, and although I know I am prone to hyperbole, I have every confidence in saying that Tuesday night’s performances were the most enjoyable entertaining ensemble work I have seen in the Theatre. The commitment, timing and energy of both groups was remarkable to see in students of this age and I haven’t enjoyed an hour in the Theatre as much in years. The best compliment I can pay is that with both groups the examiners both put down their pens half way through and enjoyed the performance like the rest of the audience, such was the quality of the show. Thank you and well done.” 

Peter Thackrey, Deputy Head (Pastoral): “Wonderful to see live performances again and to see some students who I never would have imagined blossoming in to such amazing actors when they joined us in Block 3!”
David Anson, Head of English: “What a brilliant evening! I thought both companies were incredibly tight both in their physicality and their voice work. Two genuinely funny pieces that genuinely lifted the spirits of the audience. Standout moment for me was Lilibet’s entrance; hilarious.”
Tristan Wilson, Head of Modern Foreign Languages: “Loved it! It was so great to see my tutees in their element and to see some very proud parents in the audience.”