British Museum exhibition brings students closer to Ancient Greek epics

By August Janklow and Gus McQuillin, 6.1


On 28 February, those of us in the 6.1 Classics class visited the British Museum’s Troy: Myth & Reality exhibition. It was an extraordinarily well curated collection of anything and everything relating to Troy, in order to help us better understand The Iliad by Homer.

The museum had lots of ancient pieces of art and stories relating to Troy. They had lots of vases and other items of treasury dating back roughly 4,000 years. The artefacts came from museums across the world and also reflected that these stories have inspired artists, sculptors, potters, writers and musicians of every century. A highlight was the massive wood-framed Trojan horse that hung over the main room to bring us into the Trojan world.

As well as giving us new vision to the ancient city to help us with our study of The Iliad, we learnt some things to introduce us to our next course, studying Virgil’s The Aeneid. We really enjoyed seeing all the paintings from different artists giving their interpretations of the cause of the great Trojan war (Paris winning Helen as a prize for declaring Aphrodite as the most beautiful goddess). Thank you for taking us Mary-Liz.