Bedales votes in mock general election


By Clare Jarmy, Head of Able, Gifted & Talented, Oxbridge, Academic Scholars & PRE

On 27 November, Bedales held a mock general election. We began with short speeches, outlining parties’ manifesto commitments. Five parties were represented: the Brexit Party (candidate: Alex Campbell, 6.1); the Conservative Party (candidate: Eben MacDonald, Block 4); the Green Party (candidate: Caitlin Nugent, 6.1); the Labour Party (candidate: Theo Sheridan, 6.2); and the Liberal Democrat Party (candidate: Connie Gillies, 6.2). Congratulations should be offered to all the candidates for an extremely high quality of speaking.

Following this, students and teachers came to vote. We had a proper electoral register, with student registrars signing off ballots, and there were no spares. Anyone who spoiled their ballots couldn’t vote. Students voted on paper, in booths. The ballot boxes then made it to our crack team of counters. Each tutor group was a constituency, each group of tutors was its own constituency, and house staff were another. Twenty-five constituencies were needed to make it ‘past the post’.

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