Hands-on week in Classics


It’s been a hands-on week in Classics classes this week. Block 4 students have been putting the finishing touches to their miniature triumphal arch (pictured above), which they made last week from the same sand and cement mix that was made to use the Pantheon and Colosseum in Rome. The class has been studying major monuments – from Stonehenge to the Romans – and this was an opportunity to try their hand at the Roman technique of making a mould and filling it. It seemed a fitting way of wrapping up this module of study before they produce their extended essays.

Sophie Fuchs 1


Meanwhile, A Level Greek can be hard going and esoteric, but 6.2 student Sophie Fuchs reached the point in Aristophanes’ play Peace when the character of War comes on stage with a giant mortar and puts the Greek states into it, ready to bash them up – a parody of a real kind of ancient accompaniment to meat or fish called a ‘muttotos’. So Sophie pounded up leeks (Prasiae), garlic (Megara), honey (Athens) and cheese (Sicily) in a mortar of a more appropriate kind. It was very garlicky, but not at all bad! In the play, War can’t find a mortar, but even so, this was an interesting (and tasty) way of doing something hands-on in a subject where it isn’t always possible. I suspect it will help Sophie to remember this part of the play, too!